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Dynavap vs Mighty: How Do These Two Vaperizors Compare?

dynavap vs mighty

Choosing the right cannabis vaporizer can be a daunting task these days. 10-15 years ago, it seemed as though there was only one brand in the market with exceptional quality - Storz & Bickel. Now, with a plethora of cannabis vaporiser options, enthusiasts can satisfy their THC and CBD needs with all kinds of new products. 

In this article we’re going to shine light on one of our favourite vaporisers in the game. Dynavap has been leading the way in sustainable battery-free vaporisers since 2015 - that’s 6 years of helping cannabis enthusiasts move away from combustion to dry herb vaping without the need of electricity! 

It’s hard to find a vaporiser that offers as many perks as the Dynavap. It operates without a battery, making it one of the most portable cannabis vaporisers out there. All you need is fire and a pair of ears to hear the famous click sound that indicates that the vaporiser is ready to be sucked on. Users can easily control thickness of vapour by applying pressure to Dynavap's air-holes. This is beneficial for anyone that is looking to take big or small hits during a vaping session. There are countless benefits to using a Dynavap, but what we're interested in today is to look into how it compares against some of its competitors. Here’s how the Dynavap compares against one of the most talked about portable vaporisers, the Mighty by Storz & Bickel: 

Dynavap VapCap vs Storz & Bickel Mighty 


dynavap vaperizer

It's very likely that when looking at Dynavap vs Mighty, these are the two most popular portable cannabis vaporisers on the market. The Storz & Bickel Mighty costs £254.99 per unit, whereas the Dynavap M costs £56. The Mighty is nearly 5x more expensive than the Dynavap M, and that’s before replacing the dosing capsules to operate the device. 

Session Start Up Time

mighty vaperizer

To begin a session with the Mighty, you must first load a dosing capsule with CBD or THC flower. Once the capsule is inserted into the device, a side button is held down until a buzz is felt and the Mighty vaporiser screen turns on. The screen will display the current temperature & the goal temperature. Using arrow buttons next to the Mighty screen, the goal temperature can be adjusted - a brilliant feature to have if you are looking to achieve strong terpene hits with low vapour density, or huge clouds. Once the Mighty has reached its goal temperature it will buzz again to let you know it’s time to start sucking. All in all, the Mighty takes about 60 seconds to reach the goal temperature. 

Beginning a session with the Dynavap is a simpler process than the Mighty. Either grind up some flower or dig the oven of the Dynavap into your flower to scoop out the desired portion. Seal the device by inserting the VapCap over the oven and evenly apply heat from a three flame butane torch to the oven until a click sound is heard. Typically the heat up process only takes 3-6 seconds, at least 10x faster than the Mighty. 

Bowl Size

mighty vs dynavap vaperizers

The Mighty uses reusable dosing pods to pass hot air through cannabis flower and provide consistent vapour. The pods take a few seconds to fill up but must be cleaned regularly. A great feature to using the pods is that they contain much of the cannabis resin that could normally cause vaporisers to get dirty. The pods hold around 0.1g of dry herb material, which is a great amount for micro-dosing. The Mighty pods can be packed tighter to vaporise even more herb, however once it gets dense, the pod needs to be opened and mixed to get a more consistent vape. This can be very difficult to do when vaping THC, and hazardous since the pods are very hot after the first heat up. 

The Dynavap has a very simple micro-dosing bowl that can hold anywhere from 0.08g to 0.1g of cannabis flower. This makes it very suitable for people interested in the potentials for micro-dosing cannabis. We find that it helps to mix the bowl after the first or second reheat on the Dynavap. Once the Dynavap clicks to let the user know that it is cooling down, the device should be laid to rest until it reaches a cool enough temperature for the cap to be opened and stirred up with the spoon that’s built into the cap! We love that the Dynavap is designed so that you don’t have to improvise a small mixing spoon, it’s literally built into the device. 

How Long Does The Vape Session Last?

person vaping

A Mighty session will last for 2 mins until it shuts itself off. Realistically the duration of the session will depend on the quality of the flower you’ve loaded it with, however, once you start a Mighty session you will have to suck the device over the course of 2 minutes. You might catch a few extra pulls of vapour after those 2 mins when the Mighty is in it’s cool-down phase. If you turn it back on it will quickly get back to producing vapour again. For people looking to chain-smoke vapour for a bit, this can be a great experience, however if all you’re looking for is a couple hits this may force you into consuming more vapour than intended!  

The Dynavap vaperizer session will last less than 1 minute, offering 3-6 puffs in a single session. Once the session is over, it will make a click sound and should be laid down somewhere safe. These short sessions are perfect for people looking to micro-dose THC or CBD, facilitating a pleasant and tailored high.  

Can They Handle Cannabis Concentrates/Extracts? 

cannabis extracts vaperizer

Cannabis concentrates, sometimes called extracts, are pure forms of cannabis that require high temperatures to vaporise. They are often more liquid in nature than flower, and due to their increased potency they should be consumed in small volumes. Traditionally concentrates are dabbed off of quartz glass and inhaled through cool water, a process that can be daunting for new users and requires many steps. Being able to vaporise cannabis concentrates easily can help new and old cannabis users find an entry into the amazing world of cannabis extracts. 

The Mighty can certainly handle cannabis concentrates, with the use of the concentrate insert pad made by Storz & Bickel. These pads offer a “gap filler” on which cannabis concentrates can be loaded and vaporised without causing damage to the Mighty device. The cannabis concentrate will sizzle on the pad at the desired temperature without ever falling through the Mighty pods, offering a very good quality e-dab. 

Similarly, the Dynavap is great at handling cannabis concentrates. Fans will know that it’s possible to put a layer of flower in the Dynavap oven and sprinkle some cannabis concentrate over the top - however, that’s the unofficial method. The official method is to use the DynaCoil made by Dynavap. The DynaCoil is a concentrate insert to provide the “gap filler” needed to prevent cannabis concentrate from falling through the device. It is easy to use and offers an incredibly high quality dabbing experience. Even better, the Dynavap is designed to fit snugly into any glass pipe with a 10mm adapter. This means that you can easily turn the Dynavap + DynaCoil into a dab nail and pass the vapour through water to offer an even smoother experience.  

Likelihood Of Combustion 

dynavap vaperizer combustion

It’s not ideal for cannabis flower to combust in a vaporiser. The whole point of a dry herb vaporiser is to release cannabinoids without burning the cannabis. It would be very unlikely for the Mighty to combust flower matter due to the extreme temperature precision it offers. The Volcano screen will show its current temperature constantly and it will not let you set a target temperature that would combust your flower. 

The Dynavap relies on the user to listen for its heat up indicators - the famous double click. When the Dynavap is heated by a flame, it will make a double click sound the moment it is ready to be vaporised. Sometimes however, after already hitting a few bowls, the click sound can be overlooked. If this happens, it’s likely that the risk of combustion will be high. It only takes a few seconds to overheat the Dynavap and accidentally burn all the flower matter. Annoyingly, the burnt flavour is hard to get out of the device,  and often it must be cleaned to return it back to its original condition. 


cleaning your vaperizer

Cleaning the Mighty can be a bit of a chore. Fortunately, because it uses pods to hold cannabis within the unit, not a huge amount of cannabis muck accumulates inside the device. However, with heavy use this can build up and the clean up process becomes much harder. To clean the Mighty you must disassemble the mouth piece from the battery and use ISO dipped cotton and Q-tips to remove the cannabis resin that accumulates. This can take a while, so anticipate sitting in front of some sticky components for at least 10-15mins. To allow the components to dry after they’ve been cleaned, sit them out on a paper towel for a few hours before using them again. 

The Dynavap is much easier to clean than the Mighty. This is partially because it has no electronic components. The Dynavap has a few components that hold it together - they should all be disassembled and dropped into a “bath” of ISO for a few hours. In that time, the ISO will pull off all the cannabis resin from the device, and make it look brand new again. Before reassembling, the components should be left out to dry on a paper towel for a few hours until no ISO is left. 

Which Vaporiser Gets You More High?

getting high with vaperizer

Both these vaporisers are similar in that they are designed for micro-dosing cannabis. That’s not to say that neither of them can give you a big dose, but it would require you to consume multiple bowls through each device to get very high. The Mighty technically delivers more cannabinoids in it’s 2min session time than the Dynavap can in it’s max 60 second session time. That’s not to say though that you can’t play some tricks to make the Dynavap release more cannabinoids. Playing around with the Dynavap’s air holes, applying more heat than the standard click sound would allow, overpacking the Dyanvap - these are all great ways to increase the potency of a session. Similarly the Mighty can have it’s temperature raised to force a surge of cannabinoids through the device, bowls can equally be overpacked and the session time can be increased by pressing the button again. The quality of the high between these two vaporisers is very comparable for this reason.  


These two vaporisers both deserve to be regarded as top of their game. They differ vastly but also provide a very similar experience at the end of the day. The  Dynavap is nearly 1/5th the price of the Mighty, they both have similar bowl sizes, the Mighty offers a longer session, they’re both compatible with concentrates, the Dynavap is more at risk to accidentally combust yet much easier to clean, and they both get you just as high. At the end of the day it could be argued that they both deserve a place on your sesh table, but for the sake of price, we’d have to say that the Dynavap wins this comparison. 

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