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The Best Discord Server for Cannabis: Cannabis Community + Emotes

discord for cannabis

What Is Discord?

Discord is a popular community driven group-chatting app that was made primarily for the gaming community. Due to its private nature, with group members needing to be invited to join communities, it has welcomed cannabis conversations. 

Discord operates like one big club house. The “server” is where all the community's channels can be found. Depending on the level of permissions a member has been granted, a list of channels will be made visible to them upon entry. Discord members can “react-for-roles” in communal areas of the server to open up more doors to conversation. 

Best Discord Server For Cannabis?

best discord for cannabis

In our opinion, the best Discord server for engaging in cannabis conversations is The Goods Discord Server. The server is always active, with discussions around the hottest cannabis trends, questions about cultivation, videos and pictures from industry professionals at work and even announcements about new strains. 

Sometimes in the cannabis space, hostile cultures can form if they are not moderated correctly. Problems can arise when unmoderated communities have “trolls” and rude people override pleasant cannabis conversations with hostility and insults. We don’t think this issue is unique to cannabis, however, cannabis is a largely unregulated space. This lack of regulation has unfortunately seeped into some of the communities, and that is where we find where cannabis communities can suffer. 

Fortunately The Goods Discord server is very well moderated, with the founder of The Goods, Marti, active everyday along with a passionate and very friendly Moderator team. There’s always someone to help answer pretty much any question related to cannabis and constant community activities happening too. 

The Goods Discord server also has some of the best cannabis emotes that you can use in other Discord servers, as long as you are a member of The Goods Discord server. 

What Are Emotes?

best emotes

Emotes are the same as “emojis”, visual representations of phrases and emotions that can be used in conversations online. Emotes were first created in 1999, and since their inception, there have been many updates. There are now emotes that can be used to express nearly any feeling or emotion! 

However, there is a part of our culture that has been left out of the emote space. There seem to be no purpose built emotes for the cannabis community! This seems odd at first, since 3.8% of the world's population consumes cannabis regularly. If it weren’t for draconian laws that deem the plant to be illegal in so many countries, we’re confident that there would be a few cannabis emotes on every smart-keyboard. Because cannabis is federally illegal, American tech companies are put under tight regulations that limit how much they can use images that represent cannabis. 

Fortunately, Discord lets its server operators choose which emotes are available for its users. The Goods Discord server has a long list of special cannabis emotes that have never been seen before, and can be used throughout Discord on other servers. Emotes that show emotions such as “white-out” - the face that people pull when they have over consumed cannabis. There are fun emotes, such as an emote that represents a “donut-joint” - the act of rolling a joint with rolled up extract. There’s even funny emotes such as the “white-ash-lie” emote that can be used to respond to people that only ever talk about how “white” their ash is. 

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