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Which Celebrities Openly Use CBD? (Top Influencers)

Top 10 Celebrities that use CBD - UK and Europe Cannabis CBD Hemp Oil and Vape products for sale HempElf

Who uses CBD?

CBD has quickly become one of the hottest health care trends in the UK this year. It's becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in beauty products, with some studies claiming that it may help reduce symptoms of acne and prevent further breakouts. With more and more people taking the plunge to see if it works, UK retailers are seeing CBD sales double this year.

1. Kim Kardashian

Arguably the most famous person in the world - Kim has not been quiet about her love for CBD! In the past she has mentioned her hopes to have a "CBD themed" baby shower, and often shares the products she loves - particularly CBD creams. "Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything!" she wrote. "This is not an ad lol", which says a lot about the legitimacy of her post. Good on you Kim! It's great to have the queen of reality TV speaking about the benefits of CBD.

2. Whoopi Goldberg

One of the biggest names in American television, Whoopi now focuses her attention to the therapeutic benefits attributed to CBD. She's created her own brand that is unfortunately unavailable in the UK (high THC levels). Her customers rave about their positive experiences supplementing CBD while dealing with period cramps and the effects of menopause. 

3. Alessandra Ambrosio

Arguably Victoria's Secret's most famous model to walk the runway - Alessandra is very outspoken regarding her belief that CBD helps soothe her muscles and help her sleep. "It's hard because the mind gets anxious, so I try CBD oil and I think it helps". 

4. Jennifer Aniston

Perhaps not the most outspoken celebrity, Jen has indeed admitted to using CBD, saying she believes it to help her with - "CBD helps with pain, stress, and anxiety". In her interview with US Weekly, she added that CBD offers her all the benefits of Marijuana without making her high. 

5. Emma Roberts

As a fan of CBD bath bombs, Emma is clearly looking for new fun ways to take our favorite supplement. She shared on Instagram how she uses CBD bath bombs for what she believes to soothe her entire body. 

6. Olivia Wilde

One of the hardest working actors in the celebrity space, we have to think hard to find a category Olivia hasn't worked in. She opened up about her use of CBD topical lotion - "Recently I did a play on Broadway for 6 months. My body was wrecked, [and] my neck was really tight. The CBD has relaxing benefits, and the idea is to avoid using too many painkillers."

7. Busy Phillips

It is often the case that our favorite comedians are indeed not as happy off-screen as they are on screen. Last year, Busy opened up about her struggle with anxiety. She revealed that she takes CBD gummies to help alleviate her symptoms. 

8. Gwyneth Paltrow

We commend Gwyneth for bravely being one of the first celebrities to take the plunge and put their name next to CBD. She often shares recipes for CBD infused cocktails, edibles and has plans for CBD dinner parties!

9. Kristen Bell

She's recently been working on the hit show "The Good Place" - with her new found appreciation for cannabis products we're sure she knows the true meaning of a good place! She recently shared on Instagram that it helps her "sore muscles after working out".  

10. Ozzy Osborne

It's been a tough year for Ozzy - illness, and injury has forced him to postpone all his 2019 dates. Sharon, Ozzy's wife, and manager, has said: "He's had a really tough year, really". "It started off with flu, which went to bronchitis, which went to pneumonia". When Sharon was asked about her worries regarding him being prescribed drugs, she answered, "He's off all of that. He had to have it after he was operated on the last time. But now for pain, he has that CBD oil - whatever it's called - and he's dealing with it that way.

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