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CBD Wax UK | The Ultimate Guide


CBD Wax is one of the strongest forms of CBD you'll find on the market. It contains pure cannabinoids unlike CBD oil which is a mixture of cannabinoids and carrier oil. CBD wax is a rather new product in the UK, and it is one of the most cost effective forms of CBD as well. In this article we'll go through what makes a good quality CBD wax, the range of strain profiles available with CBD wax , and how to use CBD wax.


As with every new product, there are gimmicks and there's the real deal. This is more so the case with CBD than any other product right now. One of the easiest ways to spot a low quality CBD wax is surprisingly an alarmingly high CBD content (e.g 95% CBD). This is because CBD wax is meant to be a full spectrum product - containing all cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. If a CBD wax claimed to have 95% CBD there would only be 5% of other cannabinoids. 5% is a very poor amount to allow for a broad range of cannabinoids. Therefore we recommend CBD waxes that have 75-80% CBD - this way there are a generous range of cannabinoids and you would fully benefit from the entourage effect. 

Smell your CBD wax to determine if it has a full terpene profile. Unfortunately many manufacturers are aware that you can't do this while shopping online. We've gone through pretty much every CBD wax available on the market to determine which has the best terpene profiles - you'll find them on our store. 

Your CBD wax should be amber in colour. If it is too dark, that is a sign of poor extraction technique and/or low quality starting material. Remember this product is entering your body, you shouldn't settle for a product with impurities. 

Strain Specific Wax

The height of CBD wax connoisseurship is a strain specific CBD wax. This is a CBD wax that has be infused with the terpenes of a specific strain of your choosing - such as Pineapple Express. Terpenes are already well known for their many benefits. Many studies have demonstrated a need for terpenes to experience the benefits of specific strains. They're what make "Lemon Skunk" smell like lemons or "Strawnana" smell like strawberries and banana. 

Our range of strain specific CBD Wax is one of the largest you'll find in the UK and Europe. Only the highest quality organic terpenes are used to infuse our gorgeous amber CBD wax. 

How to use CBD Wax UK

CBD wax is arguably one of the most versatile forms of CBD. You can use just about every method to administer it. Most of our CBD users are consuming around 10mg of cannabinoids a day. In order to achieve a 10mg dose from CBD wax, one would need to consume 0.001g of CBD wax. with approximately 100 servings in 1 gram of wax (depending on consumption habits) it becomes apparent why CBD wax is so cost effective. 

Vaping - by mildly heating up the wax in a vaporiser, a warm flavoursome vapour is produced that can be inhaled for fast absorption. This is one of the fastest and healthiest methods. 

Smoking - this more traditional action is very effective as all the cannabinoids in the wax are released into a roll up when burnt. This can be crumbled into your favourite smoking blend - you don't need to use much since CBD wax is incredibly potent. 

Edibles - CBD wax can easily be dissolved into any fat. This means that you could add 1 gram of CBD wax into the oil stage of a recipe for 10 portions of food to yield 10 x 100mg servings of CBD edibles. It's a very easy way to make edibles, more so than using the raw plant matter. All you need to do is dissolve CBD wax into your oil and proceed to make food with that oil the way you usually would. 

Cream - similar to the edibles instructions, you can make creams using CBD wax by dissolving CBD wax into a cream base such as coconut oil. It's very easy and fast to make. 

Create vape oil - for this method it makes sense to use a terpene infused CBD wax so that the vape oil produced also carries the flavour of your favourite strain. Dissolve 1g of strain specific CBD wax into your 10ml blend of PG/VG to create a full spectrum CBD vape oil with 1000mg of cannabinoids and terpenes. This is a much cheaper way of vaping CBD than purchasing a finished product, and it also gives you the flexibility to make your product as strong as you would like. 

Our range of strain specific full spectrum CBD waxes have gone through all our quality checks to make it on our site. They are in our findings, the highest quality products to date in the CBD market, and we are glad to offer them at the most competitive price in Europe. 



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