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CBD Patches

CBD Patches

CBD patches are a slow release method of release into the bloodstream through the skin - otherwise known as transdermally. This method of absorption is highly popular due to many people preferring to avoid absorption of CBD via inhalation or even ingestion (CBD edibles, CBD oils, etc.)

Interestingly CBD patches seem to be most popular amongst customers of ours that are medical patients. Our customer testimonials regarding CBD patches, especially from those that are dealing with chronic pain and other inflammation based health issues, have motivated us to push our suppliers to launch the best CBD patches at affordable prices. 

In this article we’ll walk through the basics of CBD patches so you can decide if this is the CBD product that will work best for you.

How do CBD patches work?

Transdermal patches have been around for some time. Before CBD patches started to catch the headlines, you might have heard of nicotine patches. CBD patches release CBD in a similar way, through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. 

When a CBD patch is applied to the skin, the local area around the patch quickly absorbs CBD. CBD passes through the first layers of your skin until it reaches the bloodstream. Interestingly, the rate of absorption via a CBD patch is far superior to CBD oils and CBD edibles. The reason for this is that CBD oil and CBD edibles must enter the body orally to begin with, and the compound must pass through the digestive system. One of the first phases it must pass through is called “first pass metabolism”. 

Everybody has a different rate at which they metabolise compounds, and this is determined by one's first pass metabolism. It would be incredibly rare to find someone that could completely metabolise 100% of the CBD they ingest orally, our bodies just aren’t that efficient. However, CBD patches bypass this metabolic stage allowing for all the CBD that is absorbed transdermally, to enter the bloodstream and engage with your endocannabinoid receptors. 

Another advantage of bypassing your metabolic system and relying on CBD patches is the consistency that it offers. Because our metabolic rates can be inconsistent, if you were on a regime of a daily 15mg CBD gummy every day, the reality is you would be absorbing different amounts of CBD every day. With the CBD patch, that inconsistency would be under control, and someone taking a 50mg CBD patch every day would notice a consistent daily absorption of CBD. 

CBD patches can even be superior to CBD creams in some ways. CBD creams can offer immediate results, however the effects can taper off and require reapplication of the CBD cream. CBD patches are designed to last many hours, in fact ours are designed to last for 3 days! Over these 3 days the release of CBD will remain steady, unlike the creams that will lose their results in a matter of hours. 

If CBD patches interest you, make sure to allow some time at the start for the CBD to be absorbed through your skin into the bloodstream. The release is steady and consistent, the only thing that can be difficult for some is waiting those initial hours for the CBD patch to start to do its work. 

What do CBD patches feel like?

Although CBD is non-psychoactive, it’s well known that concentrated doses of CBD can yield a relaxing effect. We’ve received customer testimonials regarding a reduction in sensitivity in the surrounding areas of our customers patches, as well as a slight pleasant tingle. In talks with our customers, many of them are indeed using our CBD patches as a result of either turning away from aggressive treatments or choosing natural alternatives for ailments they’re researched for. We are incapable of making medical claims with our products, so as to stay compliant with the laws, however we do encourage community discourse around the topic of CBD and ailments to better understand ways we can use this compound to improve our lives. 

Interestingly a study in Postgraduate Medicine investigated the effect of CBD on patients with chronic pain who were prescribed opiates to manage the pain. 94% of the participants reported an improved quality of life while taking a CBD product. The study doesn’t end there! More than 50% of the people who added CBD to their treatment programmes reduced or eliminated their opioid use after 8 weeks. 

There is no doubt that CBD patches are a huge step forward for this amazing cannabinoid and natural compound. We hope to see more frequency and bigger sizes in future medical studies, and hopefully one day a study on the effect of CBD patches amongst medical users. 

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