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CBD For Pets and Animals

CBD For Pets and Animals

For most of us, there isn’t much we wouldn’t do to help our furry (or bald) friends out. They depend on us and in some cases, we depend on them. If you have found success with CBD and are looking to share its benefits with your friendly companion, we have good news!

CBD works with our bodies through the endocannabinoid system. This is a collection of receptors found throughout the body, consisting of CB1 and CB2 receptors.


CB1 CB2 receptors endocannabinoid system

CB1 receptors are found in the brain, lungs, blood vessels, muscles, digestive tract, reproductive organs and central nervous system.

CB2 receptors are found around organs, liver, pancreas, brainstem and the immune system.

All animals have an endocannabinoid system waiting for CBD and the other cannabinoids to engage with their receptors.

It can be difficult to determine a suitable dose for your pet since they tend to be smaller (or larger) than us. For small dogs, cats, hamsters, etc we recommend starting them out on our CBD oil for pets. This CBD oil is mixed with hemp seed oil to provide your little friend with a nutritious supplement. For larger animals (e.g. horses, cattle, etc) we recommend using one of our stronger oils, such as the 2500mg CBD oil.


What are the risks in giving my pet CBD oil?

For animals that are currently not taking medication, there are no risks in supplementing with CBD oil. Of course, we always advise to discuss this with your vet, however CBD is non psychotoxic and is not known to cause negative effects for animals, even if over-consumed.  

How should I administer it to my pet?

This can easily be done by adding the oil into your pets food, rubbing it in the inside of their ears, on the nose or even in the inside of the mouth. Fortunately our oils are very palatable and our experience is that most animals enjoy the taste.

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