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The 5 Best CBD Hemp Flower Strains of 2022: UK & Europe

The 5 Best CBD Hemp Flower Strains of 2022: UK & Europe

2022 is a very exciting year for the CBD hemp flower space. New genetics, growing techniques and aromas will emerge this year and shift our understanding of this fascinating plant. 

Our 5 best CBD strains for hemp flower list will name genetics that will excite most taste palettes and deliver potent effects of CBD. 

Some of these strains might seem familiar, however everything on this list is new. Many of the old genetics that we’ve worked with in the past have been improved by cross breeding, phenotype selecting and improved growing mediums. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we show you our top 5 CBD hemp flower strains for 2022. 

1. Cheese - Best CBD hemp flower 

Cheese CBD hemp flower UK

This indoor grown Cheese phenotype will throw most people back to the 90s,  when Exodus Cheese was making its waves in the UK cannabis scene. The strain has a deep cheese terpene profile, and oozes out the smell of gasoline when squeezed. 

The strain is grown by The Goods, experts in exotic cannabinoids, who have partnered with Hemp Elf to grow a selection of top shelf CBD strains. Using their revolutionary indoor vertical farm, they grow Cheese CBD hemp flowers with diligence. All elements are expertly controlled so that each Cheese CBD hemp flower smells and tastes just as potent as each other. The flowers are hand trimmed and cured to perfection before being made available for purchase. 

Cheese CBD hemp flower tends to have an uplifting and calming effect, perfect for most times of the day. 

2. Fruit Cake - Best CBD hemp flower value

Fruit Cake CBD hemp Flower uk

Fruit Cake is one of the best value strains we’ve ever worked with. We discovered our Fruit Cakes genetics after spotting a phenotype of Cannatonic on our farm that presented much bigger buds and stronger aroma than the other plants. In fact, Fruit Cake reeked of dessert and fruits, with impressively thick dank buds. 

This strain benefits from being grown in well controlled outdoor environments. The effect that natural sunlight has on the size and aroma of the flowers can not be understated. Therefore Terpenes and cannabinoid content can be manipulated through use of natural sunlight to improve the strain. 

Fruit Cake has large buds on average, shimmering with CBD trichomes and constantly emitting it’s highly potent odour. You’ll need to be cautious of the smell on this flower, as it will draw unsuspecting eyes due to it’s likeness in smell to many fruit leaning THC strains. 

Growing cannabis outdoors is easy for biomass, but very difficult to do when trying to grow a high quality smokeable product. Without around the clock care of the plants, pests can quickly cause problems and reduce the quality of the CBD flowers. These are some of the cheapest CBD flowers we’ve ever recommended before, and the reason for this low price is the growing medium. If they were grown indoors, it’s likely that the flowers would cost nearly double the price. However, Fruit Cake performs better outdoors than in an indoor environment, so for that reason it’s cheap. 

3. Sweet Peach - Most talked about CBD hemp flower

Sweet Peach The Goods CBD hemp flower UK

Sweet Peach is a much talked about strain that was released by The Goods in late 2021. The strain features a fruity profile with notes of peach and apricot, like sweet candy. They say, “the taste starts soft and gentle, sweet on the tongue with a pleasant light aftertaste of incense”. Its effects are described as energising, and it certainly is one of our favourite day time/energetic strains. 

From the moment you look at its flowers, Sweet Peach is clearly a one of a kind strain. We’ve never seen CBD hemp flowers this tightly grown before, with such a high concentration of trichomes and amazing smoothness both when smoked and vaporised. 

It has been dried and cured to perfection, something that is evident when looking at its trichomes under a microscope. The trichomes are all clear and amber/yellow in colour, showing that the flower was harvested at just the perfect time. For this reason, the buds have an almost yellow hue, a sign that its trichomes are at their peak maturity

Sweet Peach is a strain that has converted even the most die-hard THC consumers to give CBD a try. DrewIsSharing, a popular UK based cannabis youtuber published a video talking about Sweet Peach and how he thinks it is the best CBD hemp flower on the market. 

4. Strawberry Kush - One of the Sweetest CBD hemp flowers

Strawberry Kush CBD Hemp Flower UK

Strawberry Kush has been a CBD strain in progress for the past 5 years. The original Strawberry Kush CBD genetics were groundbreaking at the time. However, the strain has been improved so much since its inception that it’s worth noting how much more potent and resinous it now is. 

The flowers are very tightly packed, with trichomes filling all its gaps, and the potent smell of berries, dank musk and sweet milk wafting out from it. It has a calming effect when consumed, with an uplifting tendency that can be nice to experience most times of the day. 

Its flowers are stunning, this is in part due to it’s great genetics, and also because the flowers are hand trimmed. Hand trimming is favourable because there’s less likelihood that a machine trimmer accidentally did a poor job at removing less desirable parts of the flower. When hand trimming, things like seeds, stems and leaves can be removed from the flower with a lot more precision than a machine.  

Strawberry Kush is indoor grown by The Goods in their state of the art vertical farm, so there is no chance of pests, mold and other blemishes that would reduce the quality of the flower. 

5. Zkittlez - An all-round crowd pleaser

Zkittlez CBD Hemp Flower UK

We’re sure that Zkittlez has made it onto one of our top 5 CBD strains of the year lists before. This is another CBD genetic that has been mastered over the years by expert cultivators to improve upon its genetics. Zkittlez is a Cannatonic phenotype that has one of the most potent terpene profiles we’ve seen in the CBD space. A mixture of ripe grapes and fruit gummy candies, this is sugary fruit galore.

The effects of this CBD flower are suitable for night and day-time use, with a clear headed feeling that we’ve found to assist with focus. The cure is of a high quality, very obviously trimmed by hand and left to dry in our preferred traditional way. 

Zkittlez is grown using a hybridised greenhouse. It benefits from feeding the plants both natural sunlight and artificial light. The combination of the two gives Zkittlez a plethora of light spectrum, ensuring that it isn’t lacking or in deficit. As with most of The Goods grow operations, the air is purified with CO2, and stripped of fungal spores to ensure that the plant yields big flowers and has no pests. 

Summary of the best UK CBD strains 2022

Hopefully you found some names you recognise in our top 5 CBD hemp flower strain list! If not, we highly recommend that you give some of these a try. The hemp industry is constantly growing, however there seems to be an ever growing supply of low quality CBD flowers. We predict that this is because many inexperienced growers are entering the market trying to get a slice of the action. 

Our recommendation to anyone looking to avoid the low quality CBD flower that seems prevalent on the market, is to buy from those that have been doing this for a while. Cultivating cannabis to a high quality on a regular basis is not easy, for that reason we’ve partnered with experts in the space. Having traceability of all the CBD flowers that we recommend to people puts us in a position to be able to provide all the information one might ask about a particular strain. Having consistency in the quality of the CBD flowers that we recommend means that you can always come to expect a certain standard when you try our CBD flowers. 

We hope this article has helped you identify the best CBD flowers on the market, we’ll be sure to make an updated version of this next year!

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