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Best CBD Gummies In the UK: Holland & Barrett Comparison & Effectiveness

Best CBD Gummies In the UK: Holland & Barrett Comparison & Effectiveness

CBD gummies are candies that are infused with cannabidiol rich hemp extract and other minor cannabinoids for easy and stealthy dosing. They can be taken anytime, anywhere, and unlike other methods of CBD intake, they are very palatable. 

Often we hear about customers that struggle to keep up with their CBD regime because they find themselves forgetting to dose, dislike the flavor or don’t feel the desired effects. CBD gummies taste delicious and are something that can be looked forward to. Being able to carry a month's worth of CBD in a small packet of gummies means that you can prepare for any situation and never be without your CBD. 

We’re going to break down the features that make CBD gummies some of our favorite CBD products in the UK. We’ll also compare some of the CBD gummies available in the UK to help you find what’s best for you. 

CBD Gummies Can Be Delicious

Good quality CBD gummies tend to taste delicious, as they are formulated with high purity CBD extract - reducing the likelihood of a bitter hemp taste. Poor tasting CBD edibles usually contain dirty hemp extracts, and poorly formulated proportions of candy to CBD. 

It’s important for CBD gummies to be infused with a good amount of sugar - as CBD is fat soluble and requires the presence of fats to be broken down for better delivery of cannabidiol. This means that if a CBD gummy is not formulated with enough sugar, much of it could be wasted and not absorbed by the body. In the case of CBD gummies, more sugar is better - something you probably didn’t expect to hear!

CBD gummies now come in a variety of flavors, from micro dose sized mini bears to large dose cola bottles. There are even vegan CBD gummies for those that require a gelatine-free option. 

CBD Gummies Are Extremely Effective

We consider CBD gummies to be one of the most potent and long lasting CBD products out there. We’ve found that CBD gummies take about 30 mins to kick in, with reports that CBD gummies taken for arthritis can take effect within 15 to 45 mins. The effects of CBD gummies can last for 2 to 6 hours, which is a considerable amount of coverage. This is much longer than vaping CBD, which typically only lasts for a couple of hours. 

Medical research is showing that CBD can improve sleep disorders, fibromyalgia pain, muscle spasticity related to multiple sclerosis, and anxiety. People also report that CBD helps relieve anxiety and pain and also leads to better sleep. What we love about CBD gummies is that they can come in micro dose portions (10mg), or much larger strengths (40mg). Depending on your needs, there’s bound to be a gummy out there for you. 

CBD Gummies Are Discreet

There are plenty of reasons why one might want to be discreet about their CBD consumption. The truth is that most CBD products you’ll find either smell like cannabis, or leave behind some visible remains of cannabis consumption. CBD gummies look no different to any other candy you might snack on. Likewise they don’t leave your breath smelling like cannabis - especially if they are high quality because the hemp extract will be clean from non essential cannabis compounds. 

Good quality CBD gummies will have no THC in them, and offer consistent dosing each and every bite - meaning you won’t accidentally get high. This is especially important for those that work, study or operate hazardous machinery. We produce all our gummies within GMP guidelines, ensuring that every gummy is exactly the same and contains no THC and the desired CBD %. 

CBD Gummies: Holland & Barrett Vs Hemp Elf

We thought it would be interesting to review the Holland & Barrett CBD gummies to see what a big high street health product chain can offer regarding CBD. We took a look at Holland & Barrett’s article called “What are the best CBD gummies?” to see if we could find something comparable to the Hemp Elf CBD gummies. They listed a product called Reakiro CBD 25mg Apple & Lemon Flavour 30 Gummies as their strongest CBD gummy for experienced CBD users. We thought it would be interesting to compare this product against our 40mg Rainbow Hearts. 


Reakiro CBD 25mg Apple & Lemon Flavour 30 gummies 

Hemp Elf 40mg Rainbow Hearts 10 gummies

Number Of Gummies



Total Price



Price Per 1MG CBD



Total CBD



CBD Per Gummy




We find these to be overpriced, something that surprised us - as most CBD products become cheaper when you buy higher strength and larger quantities. 

We were not fond of the bitter flavors we experienced with these gummies. Both the lemon, and the apple gummies had potential, however we found the hemp extract to create an overbearing taste that lingered in the mouth. 

We found it somewhat alarming that 9% of the reviews on this product were 1 star. 

Coming in more than 10% cheaper per mg of CBD, these are much more economical than the Holland & Barrett CBD gummies. 

The taste of cannabis is nearly completely negligible, they can be chewed and swallowed without having to wash the palate with water. 

Customer reviews are very positive, especially regarding the taste and relaxing effects of this particular gummy. 

The findings of this comparison surprised us. We expected Holland & Barrett to be cheaper, as you would with any large corporation. However the Hemp Elf gummies, which come with the sought after GMP certification, are 10% Cheaper per mg of CBD. The Hemp Elf gummies are also higher strength, even though these were meant to be Holland & Barrett’s strongest CBD gummies. The flavor comparison also showed that the Hemp Elf gummies taste cleaner, without the lingering bitterness that overshadows the potentially pleasant candy taste. 


CBD gummies have the potential to be the perfect supplement for most users, however, the market is hard to navigate. We advise being cautious about the prices you pay and the aesthetics of what you’ll receive. CBD gummies can taste delicious, they can be economical, and you can find almost any strength you need. We’re always happy to walk you though our gummies over the phone or via email. If you’re using another brand and want help with finding how you can switch over to our CBD gummies, just reach out and we’d be happy to help. 

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