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Best 420 Sale In The UK 2022: Cheap CBD flowers and Vaporizers

CBD Flowers and Vaporizers Sale

EDIT: Our 2022 420 sale is now LIVE! Nearly every product is on sale!

Our favorite time of the year is right around the corner! While it would be correct to assume we’ll be very hempy over the celebrations, we’re more excited about all the savings we’ve been working hard to arrange for you all! Every 420 so far, we’ve tried to give back, with month-long deals on CBD flowers, vaporizers, CBD gummies,, and pretty much all of our most popular cannabis products. We know it, and our long term customers know it; when it comes to 420 sales, we always come in with that good good. 

This year, 2022, our CBD and cannabis vaporizer store is bigger than ever. We worked tirelessly to completely change the quality and consistency of our CBD flowers. By preparing for 420 with growers, we are able to secure batches of the highest quality CBD flowers we can find at prices that allow us to go crazy with our deals. The bigger our store gets, the bigger the savings are that we can share with our customers. Our close partnership with the boutique indoor cannabis cultivator, The Goods, allows us to tap into a quality of CBD flower that is rare to find, never mind hard to sell for a discount. 

Our 420 sale will last the entire month of April 2022, giving you all the time you’ll need to stock up on CBD products that work for prices that make you feel good. Our 420 sale isn’t just for people interested in CBD or other exotic cannabinoids like CBG. This is equally for the heavy stoners! We’ve got the world's leading vaporiser on sale, such as Storz & Bickel, Dynavap, Airizer, Utillian, Coil King etc. 

When Will The 2022 420 CBD & Vaporizer Sale Start?

CBD Vaporizer

Our 420 stoner sale will officially begin on the 1st of April 2022. We know everyone gets paid on different days, and people will want to make sure they receive their CBD and vaporizers before 20th April. It’s no fun having zero cannabis on the special day - a Hemp Elf's nightmare!

We’ll email all our customers to announce the start of the sale as well as the hidden bargains that would take ages to find just by scrolling through the site - make sure you don’t forget to sign up if you aren’t already. 

Our recommendation is to place your CBD flower and CBD hash orders as early as possible so that you don’t find some of our best bargains out of stock. We’ve been securing large but  limited amounts of our premium CBD flower because we know there will be a lot of orders. Once we’re out of stock, we won’t be able to keep the prices that low. Our advice is to keep an eye on your email, and our website. We won’t be giving any customers any unfair advantages in securing CBD deals over 420 - please be kind to our customer service staff!

All customers will get their orders before April 20th (the day of 420) as long as they order their products in the first few days of April. 

What Kind Of CBD Sales To Expect In 2022?

CBD Sales

We cannot wait to share all the details about our 420 stoner sales. Us elves have to be careful about what we do say though - sometimes we don’t know when to stay quiet! Fortunately, our higher ups have given us permission to hint at which of our sales particularly excite us, and maybe we’ll accidentally say something we shouldn’t. 

Our flowers are arguably what you know us best for, we grow our own, work with the best and source some of Europe's most intense and premium CBD flowers. We’ve secured limited batches of all our most popular strains in order to massively discount them over the month of April. We have been given strict orders to not give too many details about which strains will be featured, something that we find to be rather cheesy indeed. 

We absolutely love our waxes and shatters, and most recently you could say that a CBD Diamond is an Elf’s best friend. Nothing excited us more than the idea of stocking up on a huge amount of CBD extracts to throw a huge extract sale for you guys! We’ll be slashing the prices by up to 50% across our entire CBD extracts range. Perhaps CBD Diamonds will be heavily discounted too, I should probably say nothing more… shhhh!

We’ll certainly be offering deals and sales on our vaporisers. You might notice that we only work with the top brands in the industry - Storz & Bickel, Dynavap, Airizer, Utillian, Coil King etc. We’ll only carry vaporizers that are tested by time to prove they are safe, and won’t end up being a waste of your money. It’s rare to find such good discounts on vaporisers of this league, so we advise keeping a cautious eye out for those discounts. 

When Will The 2022 420 CBD & Vaporizer Sale Finish?

CBD and Vaporizer Sale

Our sale will end on the final day of April, April 30th. That means our CBD and vaporiser sale this 420 will last for a total of 30 days. If you find that you’ll be unavailable for the entire month of April - a tragedy for any Hemp Elf unfortunately - rest easy knowing that we do have plans to offer some post 420 savings. We don’t want anyone to feel like they missed out, email us after the sale is over if you think you have unfairly missed our sale. 

Where to Get Cheap CBD In The Meantime?

If you're reading this before or after our 420 sale and are keen to start saving now, we've got a section on our site just for you. Our deals are constantly changing depending on the rates of high quality CBD grown in Europe. We do our best to keep an eye out for deals that we can pass onto our customers and update these sections regularly. To find our year long deal pages, here they are:

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