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A Guide to CBD Diamonds and Sauce

cbd diamonds and sauce

What are CBD Diamonds?

CBD diamonds and cannabis diamonds in general are a concentrated form of cannabis that you can smoke or vape. They are called diamonds because of their appearance (and purity), with solid crystalline structures that are semi-transparent and ooze intrigue. 

Something to note early on - CBD diamonds, in their packaged form, are actually CBDa! For the sake of simplicity, they are often called CBD diamonds because once they are vaporised or smoked, they convert into CBD. 

A product like CBD diamonds, or any concentrate for that matter, can be a bit daunt for a first time cannabis user. The process by which they are consumed involves some risky apparatus, and the purity and strength of these products are as strong as it gets - often reaching over 90% CBD.

What is CBDa?


CBDa is the natural precursor to CBD. The “a” tells us that it is the “acidic” form of CBD. When the acidic form is decarboxylated (usually via heat), CBDa transforms to CBD. 

Decarboxylation can occur under a few conditions. Temperature rise is the most common cause, however, over time most acidic forms of cannabinoids will naturally undergo this process. In terms of its chemical composition, the process removes one acidic carboxyl group from its molecular chain. 

CBDa is at the frontier of cannabis medical research. Some research is looking at how CBDa can potentially be more effective at treating certain conditions than CBD.

How are CBD Diamonds made?

CBD Diamonds

CBD diamonds can be made in a multitude of ways. First cannabis should be concentrated - one way to do this is to create a solventless rosin. The next step should begin the process of isolating the desired cannabinoid (CBDa) and allowing the growth of that cannabinoid to crystallise. This can be done by using a solvent - our preferred way of doing this is by using terpenes. As you may know, terpenes are incredibly expensive due to the scarcity of them in cannabis, so this process is not cheap. The final stage in the process involves adjusting variables such as heat and pressure. 

How Do You Consume CBD Diamonds?

consuming CBD diamonds

Similar to CBD wax and CBD shatter, the most popular way to consume CBD diamonds is via dabbing. Dabbing was once a hard concept to introduce to people due to the need for very high temperatures and often some hazardous steps. Now that the industry has matured, there are much easier solutions to help you dab CBD diamonds. A pocket Dab Pen like the Linx Ember can handle a lentil sized diamond dab, and help you take high doses of CBD on the go nearly anywhere. The Dynavap can also handle CBD diamond dabs - they’ve even created a dabbing attachment called the Dynacoil which really does transform it into a dabbing companion. 

CBD diamonds can also be dissolved into fats and oils for use both orally (edibles, drops, etc.) and topical creams. This could be an interesting option for people that are keen to consume CBDa as opposed to CBD. Avoiding dabbing can prevent the CBDa from converting to CBD. 

You can also crush CBD diamonds up and sprinkle them into joints to add a very high concentration of CBD to enhance the terpenes and flavour in that joint. 

Why Aren’t All CBD Diamonds Equal?

looking at cbd diamonds

CBD Diamonds are a very specialised product, if the manufacturer doesn’t understand cannabis to a chemical level, it’s likely they won’t understand how to make pure CBD diamonds. Bad CBD diamonds can contain impurities such as propane, hexane and other dangerous materials which are extremely harmful to the human body. 

This is why we only carry The Goods CBD diamonds. The only solvent used in the process are natural terpenes, which are food grade and made for human consumption. They also have the scientific knowledge to understand how to mine for CBDa and yield what we believe are the most beautiful diamonds on the market. They lab test each batch and know how to provide consistent quality CBD diamonds. 

We’ve seen some brands even sell a blend of CBD isolate and distillate sauce which is NOT the same as CBD diamonds as this does not form diamonds, and CBD isolates are not the same as CBDa diamonds. It’s important to trust the experts when buying CBD concentrates due to the nature of concentrates - any impurities will ultimately be concentrated. 

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