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5 Luxury Stoner Essentials

5 Luxury Stoner Essentials
After a gruelling day of work, we find few things compare to enjoying some high-quality cannabis. However, the environment is an often overlooked factor in how good a session will be; a messy, unorganised space will influence the high you'll experience. Things you can take pride in will help you enter the right headspace when you get high and make your spot the ideal stoner paradise. 
In this roundup, we'll share our favourite luxury stoner essentials from cheapest to most expensive. We class them as "luxury" because they are far better than their alternatives and "essential" since everyone already uses products like these. 

1. DabSponge 2.0 Full Kit - £20

DabSponge 2.0 Kit

This awesome-looking glass cleaning set is geared towards those that want to take their dabbing experience to the next level. Usually, people use Qtips, designed for ears, to clean their glass pipes. Unfortunately, not only are they wasteful, but they are also ineffective. The DabSponge features a broad, soft sponge that can easily capture all the leftover remains from your dabs in a couple of gentle rotations. 
This set comes with a brush handle, many replaceable sponges that last ages and a silicone dipping station to apply glass cleaner. Silicon is the ideal material for a glass cleaner as it doesn't react negatively with glass cleaners, and cannabis reclaim bounces right off the silicone.
Unlike cotton Qtips, the DabSponge is designed for users that want to clean their glass pipes right after using them - you can use the sponges at temperatures up to 200-220 degrees Celcius. In addition, a pack of 5 replacement sponges only costs £4.00, making this luxury essential an absolute steal. 

2. CVault Storage Container - £25

CVault storage container UK

CVault containers are famously known as the cannabis professionals' storage choice. We use them to store all our flowers after harvest and consider them the highest quality and most optimised for savouring your flower's maximum flavour and integrity. 
This particular CVault is the perfect size for a consumer of cannabis products, as it has the capacity for up to 28 grams of dried flower. A key feature is a built-in compartment for inserting a humidity pad. The dimensions of this compartment are perfect for use with a Boveda Humidity Pack. By regulating the humidity of your flower, you can ensure that it doesn't go bone dry and retains that fluffy texture that nature intends. The CVault, combined with a humidity pad, can even recover overly dry bud if left for a day or two with the lid sealed. 
CVault's are deceivingly light and robust, designed for a lifetime of use, unlike the standard mason jar that most of us have broken (with our weed inside). However, we should warn you that once you go CVault, you'll probably turn your nose at every other weed storage device!

3. The Goods Ashtray - £39.99

The Goods Ashtray

There's nothing more relatable to a joint smoker than trying to fit a roach into a narrow, overfilled, disappointingly dull ashtray. However, an ashtray is usually the session's centrepiece, so we believe every stoner deserves to treat themselves to a special one. The Goods ashtray radiates quality, practicality and style. It is made from a special in-house polyresin and galvanised with aluminium alloy to reinforce its joint/blunt holders. 
Using their unique polyresin, The Goods made an Ashtray with a matte black finish that is entirely fireproof. This makes it look more like an art piece than something you ash your joints into. 
Too often, people with the most beautiful, weighty blunts and joints are accompanied by tiny, tacky ashtrays. Nothing looks odder than a fat blunt resting against a cheap glass ashtray. The Goods ashtray has indents designed for nice wide blunts and a large area for ash to be deposited so that things never get crowded. 

4. Titanium Dynavap Omni - £180

Dynavap Omni Titanium UK

Without a doubt, Dynavap devices are the most popular cannabis vaporisers in the Uk. Their most premium model is called the Omni, and unlike the other Dyanvap devices, it's longer and made out of solid titanium. The advantage of increased length is a smoother, cooler vapour experience. Furthermore, titanium heats up faster and hotter than traditional stainless steel and cools down more quickly. 
We are big fans of Dynavap products because they are designed to last a lifetime, cost comparatively less than other vaporisers that deliver the same quality of vapour, and are made in the USA. 
To operate the Dynavap, all that is needed is a hot flame, as the device is entirely battery-free. We advise the 3-flame Cyclone torch to achieve the best quality vapour with all Dynavap vaporisers. 

5. Gold Volcano Classic - £394.99

Gold Volcano vaporiser uk

The Volcano by Storz & Bickel is often regarded as the grandfather of high-quality cannabis vaporisers. They've been around for around 20 years, and the basic design and concept have remained mostly the same. This Gold edition is the meaning of true luxury - only a handful have been made in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the original Volcano. 
The device features a deep oven for heavy sessions amongst many people making it the perfect vaporiser for social gatherings. Unlike other vaporisers, the Volcano deposits its vapour into a large plastic bag with a mouth nozzle on one end. You can enjoy this bag for over 30 minutes before the vapour loses its potency. 
Storz & Bickel are professionals in creating vaporiser systems with exact temperature regulation. The Volcano can achieve any temperature you choose with extreme accuracy, making it an unbeatable contender for those looking for the best vaporiser. 


At a certain point, there comes a time in every enthusiast's cannabis journey to take things to the next level. You'll notice a considerable improvement in the quality of your sessions with any of these products. A better session means a better high and a better wind down after a long day at work. We hope you enjoy this article; let us know in the comments if you have any other luxury stoner essentials you'd suggest to others!

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