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5 Best CBD Flowers To Help You Chill Out

CBD Flowers To Help You Chill Out

CBD Flowers have quickly become one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. This is due to the presence of beneficial cannabis compounds in raw flowers and the fast speed of effects when smoking/vaping CBD flowers. 

We get asked regularly, “which of your flowers will chill me out the most?”. This is no surprise - according to Mind, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year in the UK, and 1 in 6 reports experiencing a common mental health problem in any given week. Fortunately, in 2018 the UK parliament passed legislation legalising certain cannabinoids, including CBD. This opened up a market for those curious to try something different to the traditional methods that had proven ineffective for some. 

Can CBD Flowers Chill You Out?

Can CBD Flowers Chill

If you had asked us if CBD could chill you out ten years ago, we’d be unable to give you a medically backed answer since CBD was illegal in most countries. Now that the laws around CBD have improved, we’ve seen a surge in medical interest in its use to treat anxiety disorders, with papers such as “Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders” by Esther M. Blessing further growing our understanding of how CBD could potentially be used. 

Interestingly, CBD doesn’t behave like other beneficial compounds. In its isolated form, there have been instances where the observed potency of CBD is weaker than in its whole plant form. This could be explained by a phenomenon called the Entourage Effect, in which the coupling of cannabinoids and terpenes can increase the potency of cannabis. For this reason, we are very fond of the raw flower form of CBD. 

What are CBD Flowers?

CBD Flowers

CBD Flowers are the raw flowers that grow off the hemp plant. They look and smell no different to traditional cannabis/weed. However, when observed on a chemical level, they are different. CBD flowers contain nearly no THC and a much higher CBD percentage than the cannabis you’ll find on the street. Interestingly, CBD flowers have much more in common with the old-school cannabis strains from the 80s than the modern hybridised ones with 20+% THC. 

CBD flowers contain a negligible amount of THC, a large amount of CBD and some other cannabis compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids. 

Cannabis terpenes are a vital component in the Entourage Effect and produce the smell and flavour of CBD flowers. CBD flowers that smell like mangos are rich in Myrcene, while strains that smell like lemons are rich in Limonene

Flavonoids are a more recent topic of discussion in cannabis, so our understanding of them is limited. They are responsible for the colour of CBD flowers, producing colours such as blue, purple, pink and yellow. Flavonoids are common in the colourful foods we eat and are known to have antioxidant properties. 

Where Can You Buy CBD Flowers?

UK's top CBD Supplier

CBD Flowers can be found worldwide now, with many shops selling them in the UK and Europe. As the market has exploded, we’ve noticed an increase in the flower offerings across the country, with an unfortunate disregard for quality and consistency. We believe this is a temporary problem that can be avoided by buying from producers and asking them the correct questions before purchasing. 

If you have suspicions that the flower won’t be good, it’s often advisable to trust your instincts. However, if you want to dig deeper, here are some good things to look out for to vet the supplier of your CBD flower:

  • Ask for lab tests
  • Are they the producer? How can they ensure the flower is clean and consistent?
  • Read customer reviews
  • Test how much information they can offer for a particular strain
  • See if you can get terpene information

These are all things we find are essential to offer our customers, especially as a producer of CBD flowers and wholesaler to many shops. Thankfully, the quality of CBD flowers worldwide will only improve over time. 

Top 5 CBD Flowers To Help You Chill Out

1. CBD Flower “Shake - £3.50

CBD Flower Shake

CBD flower shake takes first place in this list for its effectiveness and fantastic price. CBD shake is a mixture of small flowers from the most high-quality CBD flowers available. All the flowers you’ll find in this shake mix are grown indoors and are fresh as this is our most popular product. We are incredibly impressed with the quality of this CBD shake as it is primarily tiny CBD flowers, not leaves and stalks, which we’ve found to be the case with other vendors. All our leaves and stalks are processed for CBD extraction, leaving behind only the highest quality CBD shake. 

Due to the great value and effects, we recommend CBD shake to all CBD users, new and experienced. If you find you want big CBD flowers and more detailed terpene profiles, you can always select the more premium whole flower offerings we have. 

Trim: Small flowers

Effect: Relaxing

Flavour: Funky, depending on the batch

Customer Review: “I highly recommend this product. I am amazed at how nice this is. To be honest, as a regular cannabis user I wasn't sure I would notice anything. How wrong I was, currently nice n chilled and able to ignore my many aches and pains with a nice smile on my face. My husband likes the happy wife alot better than the miserable old lady who couldn't get any weed. I am totally converted and will buy again when I have finished my lovely order. Thank you Hempelf, you have totally impressed me”

2. Strawberry Kush CBD Flower - £8.50

Strawberry Kush CBD Flower

This CBD flower gives exactly what it says on the tin. A sweet, kushy strawberry aroma oozes off the flowers and strengthens as you squeeze the nugs. The flowers are beautifully hand-trimmed and cured to perfection, with stunning trichome coverage and a high flavonoid content - you can see this in the slight yellow hue highlighting each CBD flower. Not only are the trichomes profound, but you can feel its resin's stickiness against your fingers. 

Whether smoking or vaping this flower, the effects are pleasant and relaxing - just what we need after a stressful day. 

Trim: Large buds, dense and sticky

Effect: Uplifting and calming

Flavour: Sweet & earthy

Customer Review: “Absolutely love this flavor, probably my fave of the bud range so far. Gives you a nice little zing, shaves them rough edges off your day. Tastes nice too.”

3. OG Kush CBD Flower - £9.00


OG Kush CBD Flower

OG kush is a legendary cannabis strain now available as a CBD flower. It has potent effects and has helped our team deal with life's hurdles. We strongly advise trying this strain in a vaporiser as it has a lovely terpene profile that can be enjoyed best at a low temperature. The flower is perfectly hand-trimmed and has almost dark hues that show the presence of a flavonoid called Anthocyanin - known for its antioxidant properties. 

Trim: Dense, sticky, large sized

Effect: Uplifting, relaxing, social

Flavour: Kush, diesel, earthy

Customer Review: “OG Kush simply smashes! The best so far I tried within flower products. Even better with CBD SHATTER!!”

4. Cherry Diesel CBD Flower - £7.00

Cherry Diesel CBD Flower

This CBD flower is an in-house special, with gassy, sweet and summer cherry tones. Each flower is hand-trimmed, with little to no leaf matter, ensuring a high proportion of resin. The effects are rather energetic, with a more uplifting feeling than sedentary. Like all the other indoor strains we’re suggesting, it has been cured to perfection - with all trichomes perfectly intact. When our flowers are shipped directly from our farm, you can rest assured that they are not being shaken around more than necessary. There’s no middle man, just us and you. 

Trim: Sticky, dense, frosty

Effect: Uplifted, happy, relaxed

Flavour: Sweet, diesel, earthy

Customer review: “Just had a joint of the cherry and I must say it is a superb product. Lovely earthy fruity smell and tastes terrific. Got a huge nug in my package. Looks an smells almost exactly like normal cannabis but without that scatty head high. Been about 20 minutes since I smoked it and I feel completely relaxed and feel a mild buzz. My first time with CBD flower. Got my package swiftly. Hats off to Hemp elf you've just gained a loyal customer and I can't wait to try what else you have got to offer. Keep up the great work.”

5. Zkittlez CBD Flower - £7.00

Zkittlez CBD Flower

This CBD flower is perfect not just for people curious about stress but also for people fond of fruity flavours. We’ve grown Zkittlez many times, and whilst the phenotypes can have slight differences, there’s no doubt that Zkittlez constantly smells and tastes like a medley of fruity candy. It is another resin-rich strain that leaves behind a sticky feeling in our fingers after a gentle squeeze and an explosive smell. We find this a great daytime strain as it can foster creativity. The buds are tight and compact, trimmed with care by hand and cured with the usual perfection you’ll find among our indoor offerings. 

Trim: Dense, frosty, medium-sized

Effect: Energetic, clear-headed, focused

Flavour: Grape, sweet, fruity

Customer Review: “This one is the perfect alternative to anxiety meds for me, i quite easily transitioned over from diazepam to just this in the morning now, i found this great for anxiety relaxes me in minutes i find it gives you a nice fuzzy warm start to the day.”

CBD Flowers Are Just The Start

CBD Edibles

We’ve found that CBD flowers are a great way to begin your CBD journey when investigating stress and seeking relaxation. One of the many issues with managing stress is that extenuating circumstances can affect our ability to do the things that help us get better. You may find yourself in accommodation that prohibits smoking/vaping, or sick with a respiratory issue that prevents inhalation. Therefore, we recommend looking into CBD flowers and other products like CBD edibles that can go nearly anywhere with you and offer vast doses of CBD without having to do anything more than chew on a delicious treat. You might also find our article called “5 Ways To Use CBD For Relaxing” interesting in your search for a chilled CBD experience. 

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