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420 Sale 2022: Cheap Dynavap Deals

420 Dynavap Deals

Our 420 sale will feature amazing deals on many Dynavap products, including the extremely popular Dynavap 2021 M device - which we mention in our Best Dry Herb Vaporizer In The UK: 2022 Guide!

We’re stocking up on these cutting edge vaporizers to be able to offer you the biggest savings available in the UK - as official distributors, you can expect only the best Dynavaps at Hemp Elf. Take advantage of these savings to level up your Dynavap game by bagging all the essential accessories and cleaning supplies. 

What Is A Dynvap Vaporizer & Where Can You Buy In The Uk?


Dynavap is a battery-free vaporizer for dry herb and cannabis concentrate consumption. Unlike traditional smoking, Dynavap vaporizers allow you to stretch out your herb by efficiently heating up the herb. You can get up to 75% more usage from your cannabis by switching from smoking to Dyanvap.   

Smoking unfortunately burns off most of the flavors (terpenes) found in cannabis, leaving a generic burnt flavor which gets increasingly worse over time. The Dynavap is designed so that it heats up your herb to just the right temperature so that the flavor experience is maximized - enhancing the potency of your cannabis via the Entourage Effect

Unlike traditional smoking, the Dynavap does not burn plant material. Studies have shown that while burning cannabis is less carcinogenic than burning tobacco, vaping cannabis is far more healthy than burning cannabis. It’s time to dispel the myth that burning cannabis is harmless, or even beneficial!

The Dynavap is arguably the coolest looking - and feeling - cannabis vaporizer on the market. The team at Dynavap pride themselves on their American precision engineering. Everything from the way it hits, to the epic engravings on its surface screams a lifetime of high quality vaping. 

What To Expect From The 420 Dynavap Deals?

Dynavap Deals

We will be putting the biggest discounts on the biggest selling Dynavp devices, including the flagship “M” model which usually retails at £70 - however we’ve already slashed the price by 20% to £56 for those of you that can’t wait for the 420 sales!

We’ll even be stocking some of the legendary 2020 “M” Dynavap for anyone that misses the design and functionality of that vaporizer. The 2020 “M” is well known as the first Dynavap to implement the chiral airports - offering more airflow customization. 

The Omni Titanium will also be included in our 420 sale! The Omni is a mostly titanium Dynavap, and is known as their most luxurious model - usually selling for £200. We’ve also put this on an early sale for anyone that doesn’t want to wait until 420 - it can be purchased now for £180

Many of your will be purchasing Dyanvaps for the very first time, and for that reason we’re ensuring we have a lot of “M” 2021 Starter Packs available. The “M” 2021 Starter Pack contains a trave box, cleaning supplies, DynaWax, Cyclone jet lighter and a “M” 2021 Dynvap, and usually retails for £115 - however we’ve slashed them by 5% right now for the early birds for £109.25

All replacement parts will be generously discounted too, such as the DynaKit: Basic and the DynaKit: Maintenance. The Dynavap is arguably one of the easiest vaporizers to clean due to it’s sleek design and high quality materials. A good cleaning regime will ensure maximum potency, and a long lifetime. 

Will The Dynacoil Be Part Of The 420 Deals?


We are happy to say that the DynaCoil will indeed be part of our 420 sale this year. The DynaCoil is a concentrate insert that transforms the Dynavap into a concentrate vaporizer or wax pen. 

The Dynacoil allows you to consume cannabis extracts, such as the CBD wax, CBD shatter, and CBD diamonds & sauce. The Dynacoil a is remarkably small titanium coil that fits perfectly into the Dynavap oven and has space for a lentil sized portion of cannabis concentrate for a “microdab”. It is easy to use and clean, and with good care could last a lifetime. 

Unlike other vaporizers that claim to be capable of vaping both herb and concentrates, the Dynavap doesn’t compromise quality for functionality. It is the perfect device for both dry herb vaping and concentrate vaping. 

When Will The 2022 Hemp Elf 420 Vaporizer Sale Begin?

420 deals

The 420 Sale will begin on April 1st 2022, giving you plenty of time to stock up on cheap vaporizers and CBD before the big day (the 20th). All orders that do not include flower will be shipped directly from our UK store - meaning you’ll receive your products in just a few days depending on the shipping option chosen. The sale will last the entire month, so be sure not to leave it too late as stock will be limited and once the sale is over, prices will go back up. 

Vaporizer & CBD Deals Right Now?

We are currently offering some sales already for anyone that doesn’t want to wait until April. We’ve made it simple to find the cheapest deals available at the moment with the following categories:

All products currently on sale

Free UK shipping

Cheap CBD under £10

CBD bundle deals

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