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How to pass a drugs test for weed?

how to pass a drugs test

It’s never a good day when you find yourself urgently googling how to pass a drugs test for weed, and online advice can often be manipulated or mythical. In this blog, we’re going to present you with the facts you’ll need to answer what we hope is a question we’ll ask less over time. 

How long does weed stay in your system?

  1. Saliva test: 1-7 days (daily consumer)
  2. Hair test: 90-120 days (daily consumer
  3. Blood test: 45-60 days
  4. Urine test: 30-45 days (daily consumer) 

The 3 factors that determine how long your body will test positive for weed?

  1. Levels of THC in the body
  2. Metabolic rate
  3. Body Mass 

Everybody handles weed differently, not just on an endocannabinoid level but throughout many of our bodies systems; age, body mass, metabolism, frequency of exposure, duration of exposure, potency of cannabis consumed. 

Most people will no longer test for THC in their system 4-6 weeks after their last consummation. However, because THC is fat soluble, it can get stored in the body's fat cells and organs for unpredictable lengths of time. People that consume infrequently will show less stored THC in their fat cells, whereas daily smokers will show more.

The 4 types of weed drugs tests?

taking a weed drugs test
  1. Urine test
    1. This is the most common method of drug testing, commonly used by employers due to it’s convenience and low cost. 
    2. Immunoassay tests are fast and cheap however they can show false positives. Positive tests are backed up by a second test to mitigate errors. 
    3. Gas chromatography tests are more expensive and take longer, however they are more accurate. 
  2. Hair test
    1. Hair testing is growing in popularity due to its ability to trace drug use back further than other tests. 
    2. The test actually involves two tests; enzyme linked immunosorbent assay & GC/MS. 
    3. The first inch and a half of hair from the scalp is analysed. This is because the average hair on your scalp grows at the rate of half an inch per month. 
    4. The inch and a half of hair taken for the test will be able to detect THC use for around 90 days. 
    5. It is not the most accurate test method, THC can take up  to a week to show in your hair, and some medications have been known to produce false positives. 
  3. Blood test
    1. This is uncommon and usually happens when an employee is sanctioned for a drug test. 
    2. This is the most accurate testing method - after smoking THC, it will be detectable in blood within a matter of seconds. 
    3. Even a single puff can cause for THC to be detectable in your blood for up to 7 days. 
  4. Saliva test
    1. This is the least common testing method, used at roadside drug testing. 
    2. Whilst they are accurate, a saliva test is only effective in detecting recent cannabis use. Because of this, law enforcement use saliva tests to determine if someone is operating a vehicle under the influence. 

Ways to beat the test 

drugs test pass

The first thing you’ll need to beat the test is time! The more days or weeks you have to detox your body, the better. Here are some proven ways to increase your body's detoxification process;

  1. Natural Cleanse
    1. Most people complete a natural cleanse in 30-60 days. 
    2. The process involves changing your eating and drinking habits to help detox THC that is stored in the system. 
    3. Everyone detoxes at a different pace, heavy users especially will take longer. 
  2. Detox Drinks
    1. These are a great immediate way to aid in passing a test. They can create a window in which you can test clean.
    2. However, some detox products can alert urine tests that the urine is not genuine.
    3. Urine tests are looking at many variables to certify authenticity, such as; colour, temperature, creatinine levels, pH levels, and the presence of uric acid.  
  3. Detox Kits
    1. A good detox kit can create a window in which you can test negative without alerting the test that the urine has been stripped. They take about 5-10 days to become effective. 
    2. Unlike detox drinks, which only work for a few hours, a good detox kit will permanently flush your system of traceable THC.
    3. These kits even include a shampoo that can assist in removing trace THC from the hair. 

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