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IZY Vape Pre-Filled Disposable Vaporiser | 100mg CBD

IZY Vape Pre-Filled Disposable Vaporiser | 100mg CBD
IZY vape disposable vaporiser CBD isolate weed hemp cannabis

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Izy Vape 100mg CBD UK

CBD Vape main features:

  • 100mg disposable e-cigarette.
  • Easily vape CBD with this CBD disposable e-cigarette.
  • Very fast and efficient way to use CBD.
  • Manufactured with premium grade industrial hemp extract.
  • Ingredients sourced directly in Europe. 
  • Simple all-in-one system.
  • 350+ puffs per CBD device.
  • Ceramic Coil - efficient element. 
  • Increases CBD bio-availability. 


  • Mild, earthy notes. 
  • Doesn't over power taste buds.
  • Sweet and pleasant vape experience.  

What’s in the Izy Vape disposable pod device box?

– 1 x Izy Vape disposable pod device packaged in an airtight sachet


  • CBD oil, which is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis extract, has shown great signs of reducing smoking rates by up to 40% in people that are active smokers.

Why does CBD oil work so well in e-cigarettes?

  • CBD oil vaporises at approximately 200℃.
  • Perfect for use within a vape device.
  • When you inhale the CBD vapour, you’re allowing compounds originally produced by a plant to enter your body, travel through your bloodstream, and enter your brain.
  • Other than intravenous application, it is one of the fastest methods of getting the benefits from the CBD oil.
  • All CBD products are nicotine free, and do not produce any kind of high!.

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